KH24 with 2mm spokes

Hi all!

I own a KH24" uni and unfortunately one spoke broke three weeks ago. Since then it hasn’t been used because it seems to be almost impossible to get replacement spokes with 230mm x 2,3mm. A guy at a bike shop told me, that it would be also possible to use 2mm spokes. Is this really true?

yes, you can use 14 gu. (2mm) spokes. In fact, I prefer them over 13 gu.

Wow, fast answer. Thanks :slight_smile:

But please note I got a KH24 2008 edition. I read, that the 2mm spokes are only used for 2009er KH unis. Would there be any recognizeable loss in stability if I would only use 2mm spokes (for now it would be only one)

No, there are no discernable differances between the two (other than weight). 2mm is a standard for a reason, they’re light, strong, and cheap.
Enjoy riding your KH again! Mine’s been treating me well these past two years.

But then I have two, maybe silly, questions:

  1. How can a 2mm fit into 2,3mm hole of my KH24, when a nipple of a 2mm spoke wont’ fit on my 2,3mm spokes? (I have tried that)

  2. Why arent’t this unis shipped with 2mm spokes then?

Thanks for your patience :wink:

I’m pretty sure it will fit in both the spoke hole on the hub and the nipple hole on the rim. If it doesn’t, you can use a spoke washer to make it fit (which I advise regardless because it builds a much stronger spoke/rim interface)