Kh24 wheelset on yuni 24

Once and for all, let’s answer the age old question, will it fit? I know that it will fit on a yuni 26" (I did my searches) but will it fit on a 24" frame? has anybody done it? will it work size wise? will it work bearing size? thanks,

Re: Kh24 wheelset on yuni 24

Will it work Bearing Size? YES
Will it work size wise? I don’t know, I used a 26" Yuni --chirokid–

Hey Chirokid, Will you do me a HUGE favor, and measure the wheel from the bottom of the top bearing holder to the top of the wheel? That would be awesome!
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I will measure and post it tomorrow. I will not be able to post it tonight, I am headed home to take my wife out on a date. Yippeee!!! --chirokid–

Yes, the KH24 wheelset (non-pro), will barely fit, not for muddy riding. You need longer bolts for the bearing holders, though.

OK BPB, below are the measurements. From the bottom of the top bearing holder to the top of the “TIRE” is… 12 1/8"

From the bottom of the top bearing holder to the top edge of the “WHEEL” is… 9 3/4"

I also measured the clearance between the top of the tire (moderately worn Duro Wildlife Leopard) and the bottom of the frame crown, it is exactly… 1 1/4"

I am running the KH24 Wheelset on a 26" Yuni frame with the 24"X3" Duro Wildlife Leopard tire. Hope this info is what you were looking for. Lastly, have a great time at Moab. --chirokid–

My understanding is that some 24 inch Yuni frames fit and some do not. It’s a case by case basis. The clearance is not very much. I’m not sure if that is with the Gazz or the Duro Wildlife Leopard.

You can ask what the situation is. If the wheel doesn’t fit in your particular frame then you can get a 26" Yuni frame.

alright, this is partly out of ignorance and inexperience but what is the big deal in having two frames for a 24" and a 26", technically the frame should only be 1" taller for a 26" wheel. is it so bad to have a 1" gap above the wheel, my logic just says cut the seat post an inch shorter to make up for the difference. am i missing something here, why not just have one frame for 24 and 26 inch wheels? :thinking:

Here’s the link to a gallery I posted last year. I thought I may have had a pic of the Duro Wildlife in this group but I guess not. At any rate, you can see how the Fireball fits. The Duro fit in my 24" frame, it’s close but it did fit.

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