KH24" vs...

Right now I’m riding a Sun 20", but this summer I plan to move up to a KH24. Will this be a complete imporvement? I know it will be better for Muni, and is built stronger, but how will the weight compare? My Sun is starting to fall apart after only a year or so of reletivily hard riding, will this not happen on a KH or is there some neccesary part replacement/ maintanance?

The KH24 will be heavier but an improvement in every other way. The KH will not fall apart but there is some minimal maintenance (way less than a bike). The bearings will need replacing eventually and depending on how hard you ride you’ll want to check that the wheel is tensioned and reasonably true.

if you want a 24 you should get a nimbus 24 with moments and a KH seat

What advantage will the that setup have over the KH?

price. it is almost half the price

Would it stand up to abuse as well as the KH?

ya! its just a bit heavyer but not alot.

If price is a concern I would buy a Nimbus 24". The stock cranks are pretty good for most riders, but If you replace the cranks with KH Moments, as knox suggests, it’ll last forever. I wouldn’t bother with a KH seat, as the nimbus gel is basically the same thing.

If you want a KH 24" and have the money for it, that’s a great unicycle. It’s really up to what you want though, as both unicycles are well built and neither will hold you back.

I swear, if this is not the most common topic discussed here…

A Sun uni is a beginner uni, kinda like a Huffy bike, they were never designed for heavy use. Many of us own one, I use mine as a loaner for folks to learn uni.

If you can, try to meet up with someone and try different sized unis.

What you get today may not be what you ride two years from now, then again, most folks give up riding after a few moths to a few years…

Buy used if you can fine one.

More $$ does not equal more value. Torker, Nimbus, KH, Koxx, QuAx, these are all quality brands. Don’t get anything with square taper cranks (Sun) as they don’t take abuse very well.


I have a Nimbus 24" with KH moments and a KH 29". I like both seats so I wouldn’t bother exchanging a Nimbus with a KH seat. The Venture cranks on the Nimbus are quite strong but if you want them bombproof then go for moments - or wait and see if Venture is sufficient…

What size Moment Cranks are best for multiple styles? I was looking at and it had the Moment cranks at around 85-90$ but on the crank options on the Nimbus 24" page it has listed Kris Holm 137/165 Double Hole Cranks for 43$ Are these two different cranks? If so, What’s the difference?
And would the Nimbus 24" MUni be the best, or is a MUni too heavy to do light trials and street on?
Also, is a Magura brake worth the extra money?
Sorry for all the questions, but I want to make sure I’m making the right choice

The KH 137/165 mm cranks cost 98$ and the Nimbus Venture 150 mm (standard) 55$ - hence 43$ for the upgrade. If possible, I would prefer 125/150 mm Moments…

I used my Nimbus 24" muni during the first months with a Hookworm tire and 125 mm cranks for street riding and light trails - I didn’t find it heavy at all. Now I mainly use it for muni (sort of :)) with the standard Duro tire and 150 mm Moments.

I used these 125 mm cranks: - they might be worth considering…

Thanks for all the advice.

They don’t have the 125/150, they have 110/125 though, are those a good viable option?
Also, what is a good all around tire?

I’m interested in selling my KH 24. Too many unis and it just doesn’t get ridden enough. It needs a new home. Unipsyc0- I’m sending a PM with more details.

In addition to being a bit heavier, the Nimbus has a narrower rim. This increases the likelyhood of the tire folding over the rim on side hops (I don’t think it’s an issue for most) and the impact from drops and bumps isn’t dampened as much.

Most feel 165 cranks is too long on a 24 (~ half like them on the 26. I like the 170’s on my 24 Muni) and use 150’s. If you are good at climbing hills and have a brake for steep decents, you may preffer 137’s. I’d get the dual hole cranks (either 165/137 or 150/125). If UDC doesn’t have one or the other, they are likely temporarily out of stock.

Instead of hydraulic brakes you can set up v-brakes. Clearance is usually a problem for Muni tires, so you’d want them w/ the longest levers you can find (which is the main reson people run hydraulics, so they can easily run a 3" tire).
-Or you could get a Mountainuni disk conversion. (I have conserns that the disk would get damaged too easily in UPD’s or slice my leg, but I haven’t herd these issues as being a problem for the people who have them.) The braking is supposed to be more progressive than Maguras.

sent a PM, I think. Let me know if you didn’t get it