KH24 fork for sale -- Sold

Selling a brand new, never used Kris Holm 24" fork. I bought it thinking I would convert my existing KH24 to a disc brake setup, but never got around to doing it. Time for this to go to someone who will use it and appreciate it rather than sitting in my closet.

Willing to sell at just enough to cover the cost of shipping – if you live in the USA or Canada, I’m guessing that will be in the range of $20-30 with USPS Ground. If you live elsewhere and really want this, we can talk, but would be nice to ship within continent.

Pictures in reply below.

Hey, I am intrigued by this! If it’s still available, I might very well be interested. Any idea how much shipping is to 05495?



For a 22x11x3 rectangular box conservative weight of 5 lbs, USPS Ground Advantage looks to be about $22 (if you can trust it).

Hey Heather,

Thanks for getting back to me. I just ran the math on what I would need to actually build out a muni with a brake and I don’t think I can do it. I am really looking for a 26" or 27.5", but I thought if the cost was small enough, I’d try it. I appreciate you estimating shipping for me though! Thanks!

I am interested and just sent you a DM.

I would like to be third in line, should @Nowva decide not to build a unicycle with this frame.

Fork is packed and ready to be shipped out to Nowva tomorrow. I’m just happy that someone else will use and enjoy it!

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