KH24 for sale~!

Ok guys and girls this is getting urgent! I NEED to sell my hk24 FAST! its only $750NZ and has the gazza, magurers and a cycle computer! this uni is decked out and is an awsome condition!

I am willing to ship world wide if u wish to pay the shipping or i will ship within new zealand for FREE!

check out the auction and make a bid at

Thanks guys!
PLEASE BID this is urgent!

Please note this is 1/2 the price i payed for the uni all up! only a couple of months ago and it hasn’t been used much at all!

the tires still have the little rubber molding bits on them!


hmm the best deals are always too far away, how much do you reckon shipping to the UK would cost?


You would probably have more luck on Ebay… I dunno, just a thought. Could you give me a rough quote on shipping to Washington, USA, zip code: 98027

Oh yea, and how much does the SafeTrader service cost?

Safe traider is something like $10 and is well worth it for national sales, but I don’t think they suport international sales. Im sure that we will have no problems with the sale eather way.

Damn I wish I had $750. That is a bargain! I can’t even afford the $70 I need to pay the council to get my MUni back. If I were you James, I would keep the Unicycle and get money another way, but I am not you, so I can’t exactly say that. Good luck selling it, I hope a local rider buys the KH24. Try asking Matt, Ben’s brother, he might be keen. He must have just about grown out of his crappy 20" by now.

looks like someone has bid on my auction, so the only way u can get this uni now is to click on the link above and make a bid!

Im realy excited about selling my uni, make a bid, in all honisty it should go for alot more than 750 but u never know, make a bid and it could go for less!