KH24: 2007 or 2008

I just got one, and thought I was buying the 2008. But now I fear I got the 2007. How do I know which I got?


The '08 should have the rim with offset eyelets and oval rather than round cutouts. I think that’s the most obvious difference.

Oh and I don’t think the '08 has any rails under the seat.

Having said that I ordered an '07 and ended up with an '08 frame - but at least I was consulted and didn’t object!

The differences are only small anyway. I think the new frames have a slightly different crown with the seat tube going right through to the bottom. The 2008 also comes with the new adjustable seat post I think, rather than having a rail adapter.



I do have “offset eyelets”, if that is what I think they are. The spoke holes in the rim are not all lined up with each other, but are instead slightly to the left/right as per the spoke origination point being L/R. I don’t seem to have oval rim cutouts. Can anyone make sense of that?

A couple of pics of my 07 for comparison.

Sorry about the mud!

Other différences 2008/2007 :
The seat tube don’t go to the bottom of the crown, this is just on the 29 and 36 models but seat tube is thicker to reinforce the usual welded cracking area !
The hub is black instead of blue
Odysseytrialmix pedals

Yeah, I thought I heard something about oval cutouts, but I wasn’t sure I heard it right or that they made it to the production model.

Does anyone know the weight difference between the 2?

If I have to talk myself into sticking with what I got, is there anything better about the 07 model?


So, I take it that black hubs and trailmix pedals are the 08?

Anyone know how much lighter the new rim is?