KH20" Trials

Hey guys,
Im an aussie who has been riding for 3 years now and i have been riding a
fragile road unicycle with some custom pedals and seat for trials it has finally
given out and bent completly!!

So now i am going to get a new uni specially ordered, and i was looking at the KH20" Trials 2005, and if i could get a few hints about how it rides and if it is a good buy that would be great

Thanx :slight_smile:

i would also like to know if it can withstand 3 - 4 metre drops, i love drops
and it will be doing a fair few of them!! so i want to get a decent uni that i wont need to worry about breaking.

Possibly if you land right, but I think that once you get up to 4 meter drops you end up breaking body parts rather than unicycle parts.

Try searching the forums for some info on the KH 20", I know there’s lots out there somewhere.

Welcome to the forums, by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol thanx
yeah its more like 2 metre drops not 4, lol, a bit of a bad estimation there!

4 metres

I don’t evan think about dropping 4 metres!
I’ve dropped 2 metres, but than I smashed my balls…

The KH 20" is about as good as it gets from a prodution uni. The only upgrade to consider might be the seat.

I have one and I love it big time!!

The changes I have made to it is:
The tyre, changed it from the over folding Creepy-Crawler to a Try-all tyre.
The pedals,changes 'em to a pair of Jimmy C pedals (both for performance and estethics, mostly estethics though :wink: )
The seat, I hate the stock KH seats, They are too high. I know Kris has made them thinner and maybe more comfortable now, but I changed it to a Gel seat from UDC.

The KH is a good uni from the beginning, but with these upgrades it’s a great uni.

go to unicycle product reviews dude…you’ll find all your brain want’s to know!!!

Yeah the tire upgrade a must. I like the Luna.

whats wrong with the stock Creepy Crawler tyre they have on them?
what do u mean by them folding?

folding is when you hop and the tire goes under the rim… like what was happening to you before… I htink the creepy crawler is one of the best tire out there and woundt not change it… it’s biggger then any other tires with adds more bounce and takes out a bit more impact. The kh hub and cranks are really strong and light (lighest ones out there). The only problem I could say might be the seat base so maybe changing it to a carbon fiber one. and if you justpplain dont like the kh seats then order some other seat. I think it is the best uni you can buy for over all and none-custom. I defenatly say you should buy it great uni probably best you can get

oh yeah cool, thanx for the advice