$$$..KH20 pro model frame 4 SALE..$$$

i have desided to sell my 5 month KH20 trialz frame.it is in great shape,no dents.i would like $290+shipping.trade? maybe if you got a fireball or a uni-lamp.

i dont really think i need to describe it any more,cause you all know what it is already.its black,its light,its not made in Taiwan and has some damn nice bearing holders.

i only have this one picture.the white spot on the fork leg is a wearing away unicycle.com sticker.



how are you going to replace it? i would buy r yuni frames or something. Then you could break them all. Kind of a “war and tea”. Hehe.

Excellent avatar.

I like the red boots! Are they for sale?

sure if you buy the frame the red boots are free.my son wont care,hes getting new yellow bumble bee boots on X-mass.

now does anyone want to buy this thing so i can get on with my next project? ive got a differant kind of uni to build and i need the cabbage.

I would trade the lamp, but we gave it to a friend for his birthday. We might make another one if we can find a bad enough uni though.


What’s the differences between the frame made in the USA or were ever it’s made? Canada maybe ?and the frame made in Taiwan??



RED letters, mine.

Before you say it, Jagur,… Sorry for the thread-jack!

BTW, just how pedestrian can you get?
A Milwaukee beer?

my feelings

What is that fleeting sensation? Is it my feelings? Are they aching, now? Ooops…it’s gone.

KH20 pro model frame versus good taste (yeah, right!) in beer


I’m glad your feelings weren’t hurt for more than a fleeting moment!

About as long as it takes to burp?

Of course, a Milwaukee burp is a bit longer and deeper and more gut-churning than … any other…

… but, HEY!

We’re here to discuss unicycles (one in particular), right?

Sorry, Jagur…

… don’t mean to brag, but…

I already have a 20-inch.

Re: KH20 pro model frame versus good taste (yeah, right!) in beer

Poor guy … still thinking in terms of inches.

Unicycle wheels should be referred to as “2-foot” or “3-foot” (Coker) wheels. Jager is selling a “1-2/3 foot” wheel.

Thanks for the quote. It’s been awhile. Too many of my pearls have been cast before swine, pearls being a shellfish product here (before you pounce voraciously upon it).


So, … don’t mean to brag, but…

I already have a 1-2/3-foot.

Oh, VERY funny!


Wait a minute!

Shouldn’t we be speaking metric here?


Try putting TIME into metric, Greg!

That sicko! He’ll probably find some way to do it, too!

… and by the way…!

Just how many pearls do you possess, Greg, dah-link? You’ve been holding out on us!

Surely you’re aware that PEARls are the PERfect accessory to that little (and I DO mean little !) black ensemble you featured not long ago in the gallery!


Re: OK! OK!

Time already is metric, my little hooved and snouted friend. The “s” in mks or cgs stands for “second” which is the metric unit of time.

My wife let me don the one-piece but stopped short at loaning her jewelry. I had to comply. She was doing the photography, or art, as it were. Yes, the suit was a bit tight, but I wore it well.

well,the Taiwanise ones just came out so i dont know about the tiny details yet.i would guess them to be slighty heavier.one thing is for sure,the bearing holders are better on the expensive ones,this i can see in the photo’s.

for the most part,i dont know yet cause they just came out.there also Orange and not available as a frame only.

Actually they are black. I just ordered a 24" a couple days ago.
The orange one was a prototype. The shipment that came in too Unicycle.com was all black frames. I’m pretty excited about finally getting another uni.

with apologies to Jagur…

That’s cloven-hooved, to you, Greg! …“friend” I like!

Since by my last calculations, 60 doth not go evenly forth into that good 100 (100/60 = 1.6666666666666666666666666666667) (don’t know where that “7” came from all of a sudden, but that’s the result from my Windows Calculator), I still maintain that time is not metric… until there are equally-divisible-by-ten hours in a day, that is.


On this point, I whole-heartedly agree!

So, who has possession of the ensemble now?

… and…

Still not to brag, but, I already have a 50.8 centimeter-er.

Re: with apologies to Jagur…

Like many others you are confusing the very rarely used “decimal” time with “metric” time. In decimal time systems all values are divisible by some factor of ten and there is no standard unit. In one system the hour can be the standard and all units are then expressed in 0.1 hours, 0.01 hours, etc. Many logging systems (not wood cutting but systems in which data are recorded) use some form of decimal time stamps in which a convenient standard (day, hour, minute, microsecond, etc.) is the system base.

In any decimal system, the sole requirement is that the standard unit(s) be expressed only as powers of ten. Metric refers to standardized units systems in which one of the units is, in fact (regardless of any amount of blathering otherwise), time and the base unit is the second. There is no restriction on the expression of sub units in metric systems but they are expressed in decimal notation because it is extremely convenient. Your belief system may lead you to other conclusions but research into sources other than the likes of the “National Enquirer” will always indicate otherwise in this case.

Custody of the one-piece bathing suit (in which I looked SO hot you would have believed my surface temperature to be 475-3/7 Kelvins) has been returned to my wife who is slightly miffed that it has been recontoured in certain places.

Hmmm… uh-huh, uh-huh,… aaaah-huh… hmmmm…




I see.


Thanks, Greg!