KH20 or KH24? :S

Alright, so I broke the axle off my beginner 24" uni and I’ve decided I want to get a new Kris Holm. The problem is that I’m not sure if I want to get the KH20 or KH24.
I would appreciate if some of you could convince me one way or another. :slight_smile:

As a side note, I’m probably going to replace the axle on the beginner and give it to my little bro for him to learn.

20" for sure. It is better for trials and street, and in my opinion muni, because it gives better control and it is easier to hop (which is important for muni).

Good points. I like the trials/street aspect of it.
Anyone else willing to share their advice?

if you want to do trials/street, deffinatly the 20.

Thank you.
And another thing, I’m just looking at some other unicycles on UDC and was wondering if there were any that are known to be better but at the same or lower price range?

Get one, and then save up for the other! [well, that’s my solution anyway…]

It totaly depends on what you want to do really. If you want to do muni then the 24" is what most people would take. If you wanted to do street or trials the 20" would be what most riders would chose.

There are the odd few who do use them for other uses, I for instance have ridden my KH20" 10 miles muni-ing…but I’d much rather not do it again :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I was thinking of doing that.

I’m also thinking that if I get one, I’m going to change the paint color to green or red. I’m not really one with the blue. Of course with that, I’ll have to do it myself.

Also, I probably tried more street stuff with my beginner than anything. I don’t have too many trails around my area for me to chose from. Also, if I end up moving to Toronto or even going there for a day, I think I’d rather have the 20-incher with me.

So, I guess I’d be getting the 20" before I get the 24".

yeah… pc is the best option for re-painting(if you can), but if you do just spray, be very carful and do it nice, dont make a $500 uni into crap.

if you’re goin cheaper, qu-ax is awesome!

Id say 20" just since Its easier to move around and ya…

Dont forget the Nimbus Trials uni with ISIS hub, have UDC replace the cranks to Moment cranks for $50 and you get a light uni, as strong as the KH, and cheaper.

Just an option.

A stock KH 20 is also an amazing uni.

Though, a trials is slow on the trials, I also think it’s more doable to ride the technical parts in my area.

I also would get a trials, then the KH 24 or maybee the KH 29.

IMO the Nimbus ISIS trials is the best bargain, and the KH is the best trials you can get, that is until the Sponge/Triton ti frame is available.

So, I also say get both, but the trials first, then save up for the other w/ the geared hub.

A 24" uni is probably your best bet. If you are used to riding a 24, going down to a 20 will definitrly make you seem like you’re not getting anywhere fast enough. I made the move to a 26 from a 20 and I will very rarely go back. You can still do trials on a 24" (a 26" is pushing it) without too much difficultly. Not to meniton a 24" will also ride much better off road.

If you are looking at another uni besides the KH, Koxx makes a great uni. I can attest as I own one and it’s great.

There have also been ALOT of good things posted on the forum about the nimbus trials unis. Read up on them, both options are cheaper than the KH. The Nimbus is significantly cheaper and obivously from some of the posts here people are happy with them.

Do some more digging and ask some more questions before you make your decision. THe forum here is great (as you already know) get informed. I wish I would have started with something bigger. Had I asked around here, I would have.


Also the Nimbus 24/26/29" Munis are good, just no break mounts, but you could weld some on. (IMO they are the best bargain, asside from including break mounts, I can’t see how any of the others are worth paying more for, except KH & Qu-Ax aluminum)

i ogt a 24" and now im wishing i had got a 20"

I bought a kh24 last March

And a KH 20 in May. I wore out a tire on the 24. At first the 20 was boring. Slow, and only better at tricks I couldn’t do yet.

Once I learned to idle watching the box in my living room, and started to hop and ride backwards, the 20 became really fun. It is still almost painfully slow though. I suspect that once I can do the 20 tricks on the 24, the 24 will be the preferred mount for most types of rides, especially if I need to cover any real ground. If I could only afford one uni in my first year of riding, I would go with the KH 24. That said, I’m really happy I have the 20 as well. :smiley:

I only paid about 360 $ for the KH 20. It’s a long story. If you want to get a good deal read this thread.:slight_smile:

Heres a video of 20’ MUni.
I mostly ride street but that day I wanted to do MUni. It turned out fine. So I’d say 20’
Just don’t shave the tyre if you wanna do MUni.


I think that video has me convinced. I’m gonna be ordering the KH20.

And Mars, you have a new vid subscriber.

I learnt on a 24 and now have a 20 Nimbus Trials - i like the 20 :slight_smile:

Sick thanks, glad to have been of any assistance.