KH20 Longneck 05 frame!

Hello everyone!
I wanted to show the only one KH20 longneck 05 frame to everyone here. I broke my frame about a week ago and I got it re-welded by a guy who used to make his own bicycle frame. Anyway, I asked for the same OD and ID as a KH frame. So I got a 300mm longneck frame now, I paid $80CAD for the weld, the new neck and welding my other broken KH forged post. I’ve been testing my unicycle for 2 days now, the frame looks really great, the weld is perfect and it is really stiff. The seatpost didn’t lasted 24 hours though, it is wobbling again. The guy told me he took the mesurement of my frame and draw a unicycle frame, but he didn’t show me, I dont think he did it, but I could certainly have a custom made uni. Anyway, here’s my “New” uni!:smiley:

Comment please!:smiley:

That weld looks very well done. I think that it would look cool if you fixed up the yellow paint but left the neck as it is.

I will strip it eventually for sure, I just dont have the time right now, I’m riding all the time!:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the comment though:)

@ Emile: J’le post sur monotreal a l’instant dans “Et votre monocycle…”

wow that is a really nice weld, especially for aluminum.

Looks like you found a good frame builder/fixer there.

Yea, I wonder how long it will last for.

I’m wondering this too! But it looks pretty good, as good as my my old neck:)
The guy who welded it is at a 30 sec walk from my home, I dont have any shipping to pay:D

wow that is cool

Thanks:) I stripped it all yesterday, it looks cooler now than half yellow and half stripped. I will paint it again yellow soon. I saddly broke(again) my seatpost, I’m riding my friend Nimbus frame until I get my seatposts from UDC. But I love it!
One day I’ll ask him to built my a home made frame:)

How many are you getting???

Also can you post pics so we can see it now (stripped)

I’m just getting 2 seatposts, I just brought 2 because I had mine re-welded but now it broke. It’s not on my uni now, and my bearing holders aren’t fully stripped. [It’s not the best quality picture, my camera is retarded I think] I’ll take a picture when I’ll have my new seatpost(thursday).

Cool. I kinda like how it looks with yellow on the bearing holders

That looks soo awesome, Jacob.

Strip the rest now. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it looks pretty cool, that’s why I’m leaving a little bit of yellow in the welds too:D(and because I can’t take it off with sandpaper)

Wow Isaac, it’s been a long time since you posted here!
I’ll strip it all soon, when I’ll have nothing to do:p
Thanks for the comments.

Whoohoo! I can ride it again!

I got a picture of my uni with the stripped frame. I got my seatposts and my new cover. It looks cooler like that, expet I think I’m gonna put a black bumper and handle. Also, as you can probably see, the frame is not perfectly straight, but it was like that when I got it, and it’s only leaning a little bit on the back, it’s perfectly straight if i’m looking for the front of my uni.:smiley:

I wonder how much it would cost to make a custom 24x3 aluminum frame by this guy, it could be cool on my muni, but right now I dont have the money:(

You could weld it again w/ reinforcements on it front and back, like the Pit Fighter II.

Cody Williams did that w/ one of his steal posts. I saw him 2 yrs later and it still hadn’t rebroken.

I thought about it, just I’d rather have new seatposts. I repaired it with some JB weld and it did work! But I broke the plate a few weeks after.

I thought about re-repairing my longneck frame also, because it did break again. And putting reinforcement like Colby on his KH frame. Then it would be looking a little bit like an XTP :stuck_out_tongue: