KH20 - Little Used + Stand

I have decided to sell my little used KH20 (purchased early 2012). I have never used this for real trials, just a bit of riding down forest tracks etc. Some light scuffing but apart from that in excellent shape. Tyre barely worn.

Stock Specs:
Saddle: Kris Holm ‘Street’ Unicycle Saddle - Blue
Seatpost: Kris Holm Forged
Seatpost Clamp: Kris Holm ‘Doublebolt’ Seatpost Clamp - Black
Frame: 20" Kris Holm ‘Aluminium’ Unicycle Frame
Wheel-size: 19"
Tyre: Maxxis Creepy-Crawler Tyre - 20" x 2.5"
Rim: 19" Kris Holm 2009’ Rim
Spokes: 14G Stainless Steel with Brass Nipples
Hub: Kris Holm ‘Moment’ ISIS Hub
Cranks: Kris Holm ‘Moment’ ISIS Cranks - 137mm
Pedals: Kris Holm ‘Studded’ Plastic Pedals - Clear


Ideally local pick up - or possibly I can travel with it to London (negotiated)
Any questions just ask

£200 :slight_smile:

  • message me for details re collection, personal delivery and or posting this uni

Any questions just ask

Bump :slight_smile:

KH20 - Little Used + Stand

Hi Felix.
Is the KH20 still for sale? Would you be willing to ship it to Portland Oregon in the USA? I did try PM you but have not heard back. Please let me know, I’m very interested. :astonished:



I have pm’ed also about your triton. Perhaps your 20 and the triton could travel to Oregon or California in the same box if that was cost effective?
Waiting to hear from you


:slight_smile: Still for sale at £200

Is this still available ? Would it be possible to pick it up from London Stansted some weekend ? I assume it would fit in a suit case if I took it apart. It would be in early February. Thanks

Bump :slight_smile: £200

Sold via Gumtree.