kh20 06?

ok so my birthday is coming up and i think i have convinced my girlfriend to get me the kh20. Does anyone know when the changes are going to be made and when udc will have the new improved kh20’s? i have read about some of the changes but not seen any date of release.

I’m pretty sure there coming out early spring, so it’ll be a little bit before they get online too, after they come out.

dude, you must have an awesome girlfirend, hope you return the favour someday

yea dude, those suckers are like $470

I don’t think that there are going to be a lot of changes to it, if there are going to be any they will not be significant enough to wait for.

yea she is awesome… and her mom just bought me a nimbus X 20" for xmas for me too!!! ok so i guess i can just get the “05” i cant wait… i dont want to break the nimbus cause im starting to do alot of jumps and drops…

wow man, you make me jealous

whens the wedding?

you should hit her up for a new coker next.