KH09 carbon fibre fusion.

i thought some people might find this interesting to see, as i have not seen anyone else do something similar as of yet.

instead of using the old method of coach nuts and bolts out the bottom, i have taken the system from my kh 09 saddle and put it in
my cf base.

what i did was mark out the holes as usual and then drill 8mm holes in the cf base. and then cut down the t nut inserts to the thickness of the cf base, then finally i used builders cement, a strong adhesive to hold the already tight fitting t nuts in place.

i haven’t put the saddle together yet, and plan to put some plastic putty around the square heads for little extra stability, overall it is looking good.

here are some pictures of the t nuts glued in.

Been done before by Fraggle and me:

I find our method cleaner and safer, since the nut stays put in the filled hole.

Cool. I was thinking about doing the same thing. Do you know where/if you could get the seat bolts seperate from the seat?

Just any local DIY shop, this is what you need:

M6 flange nuts (10)
M6 x 12mm Button head allen bolts (6)
M6 x 16mm Button head allen bolts (4)
M6 washers (10)
Bumper and handles.
Tape, IE: Duct tape.

Cool. Thanks for the info!

Ive had it this way since EUC winter. Its very good i love it!

yeah i was inspired to do this buy you guys, although i hadn’t seen anyone
using the parts from a KH09 saddle directly as of yet.

and while i agree yours is probably a nicer fit, the square heads on the nut
sit really flush on the curved surfaces of the base and act like an anchor,
and the t nuts sit REALLY tight in the holes, you would be suprised.