KH Velo vs. 2009 Fusion saddle

Hey there guys, first post! It’s fun to finally join a unicycling community:)

Anyhow, I’ve got a KH 24" muni (original style) with the KH Velo saddle. I’ve been reading a bit about the new KH Fusion Freeride saddle for 2009 and it seems to get really good reviews from what I’ve read and to be one of the most preferred saddles for muni riding. I like my Velo saddle a lot, but I’m all for extra comfort if there’s some to be had with the Fusion Freeride over the Velo. For those of you who have had experience riding with both saddles, would you say it’s worth it to purchase the Fusion over the Velo? It would be interesting to hear your opinions on how the two compare, mainly on comfort but other things like seating position would be good to hear too and if you guys feel the Fusion is worth the purchase being that I already have the older style Velo saddle.

Hey munirider, welcome to the forums!

First of all both the 07(velo base) and the 09 models are called fusion freeride. So I think they should be referred to either by production year, the kind of base, or just “the old one” and “the new one”…

I have heard both positive and negative comments about the newer model. I guess it also depends on the style of riding you intend to do with it. If you are going to spend 2+ hours in the saddle with not much standing up or other interruptions that relieve your crotch for a bit the difference will probably be more significant than otherwise.

Some of the plus points of the new model are: it can be made stiffer with the stiffener plate, you can put the new KH t-bar on and you get nicer screws that can be tightened with a hex wrench and don’t get in the way for SIF.

Do you have the old old velo kh (ie high top) or the fusion freeride (07/08). I have not ridden the hightop seat so I cant comment but othes on the fora think they are good (usually with some modification)

I do have both versions of the fusion freeride. I think that the new one is more comfortable due to slightly less curve in the seat and the wider base. The groove is deeper and the cover conforms to it for noticeably less numbness as well. The allen screws are much better and the base is slightly stiffer and has the option for a stiffener plate as well (which I havent tried but looks good).

I dont know if it is worth the change from the old to the new for muni (depending on your style) but I would probably consider it for distance style riding.


I have the older high top.

For my type of riding, I spend most of the time in the saddle. I can see how the slightly less curve in the new style would be more comfortable with the wider base. I might just have to give this saddle a try!

Thanks for your opinions guys! Would love to hear others who have had experience with the older and newer versions (high top and Fusion Freeride) and what they like better.

I’ve used both the high top original style Velo saddle and the '08 Fusion Freeride. The Freeride is definitely much better on all concerned anatomical bits than the old high top Velo.

The old Velo has a massive curve (unlike the Freeride) and no pressure relief channel along its length. The Velo is a million times better than what else was available at the time, but it is no match for a Freeride.

The central groove along the length of the Freeride takes a lot of pressure off of your perineum, and if you’ve got it angled properly, the flatness of the Freeride also lets you put your weight on your butt without having your testicles man-handled by a huge chunk of upward curving foam at the front.

In conclusion, the Velo is decent but the Freeride is much better.

Saddle Types

I rode for a year on the old KH “Hight Top” saddle no problems. When I got my KH24 2007 is came with a Fusion Freeride saddle. It took about a week to get used to because it did not have the curve. At first it would fall out from between my legs and I would slide around on it. This was fixed by giving it a very high upward angle towards the front. Once getting used to it there is no going back! I will probably only buy one of the 2009 saddles when my current ones fall apart.

Good Luck,

I have not ridden the Velo high top, but I do have the old Fusion Freeride (until 2008) and the new 2009 Fusion Freeride. I use both for muni, so I’m not in the saddle as much as for road riding.

I don’t notice the difference in base curvature or base stiffness, but I do notice a difference in how the padding feels. The 2009 padding is thinner, but more “elastic” in that it rebound snicer and feels more rubbery than spongy (08’ style). The breathable cover on the new Freeride is very nice, I seem to sweat less and it helps the foam and cover stretch and move as I ride.

I think I may have adjusted my saddle nose down a little more with 09’ seat, though after yesterday’s ride I’m thinking I’d like to have the nose high, so maybe it was just an adjustment period of break in.

I did add the base support, which keeps the seat base from flexing as much, though the grab handle is still pretty flexy.

I would pay more for an 09’, it’s a better seat overall.

Thanks guys for the reviews! I really appreciate it. I think I will purchase the '09 Freeride to see how I like it. Thanks again!:slight_smile: