Kh trials VS Profile !

PPL tell me for my next uni (dont care bout weight) what should I get ? keep in mind I only bent profiles once the rest of the time its other stupid problems… Be honnest plz I need facts too cauz I wont buy a uni because you think its better.


I’ve read many great things about the hub (and use the uni and love it)
and profiles sound so problematic…

You won’t regret the kh, it won’t have “stupid problems” like the profiles

OK, Ill tell you what I think.

The newer KH trials, are for technical lines, not for going big, true the design of the hub is about the best design you can get, but the cranks snap or bend way to easily. The higher q-factor on the KH are great if you are a technical trials rider.

The profiles, are very spendy, but are better for street and going big, the warranty isn’t great, and as you know, wont replace a lot of the problems, but at least there is a warranty that can help with some things.

I would personally go with an 2004 KH hub with Qu-Ax cranks on it, people really underestimate the strength of those two items together, but they are very very VERY strong combination.

But if it was just Profiles or the new KH, Get the KH for technical riding and trials, profiles for more of the street.

P.S. All that info is mianly from Joe Hodges, the destroyer of Unis!!! Seriously, he has gone through profiles, Koxx, Newer KH’s, but he hasnt broke his set-up of the 2004 KH hub with Qu-Ax cranks.

Actually, somebody else who knows a lot about cranks, is Sponge, on this forum, just talk to him on MSN. =p

kh cranks will bend long before profile. And then you have to pay for a new set.

Another vote for Old School KH. They rock. Ive gotten alot of use out of mine and theyre still running strong. Just keep up on the maintenance and you’ll be very impressed with the strength of this setup.

I would agree kh 05 is pretty weak. I tweaked a set on a 4ft sif drop. My freind Paavo bent his to hell on a 7 set.

I don’t understand how people beand and break cranks so easy. I use qu-ax and Torker DX and not even the slightest bend or break. True, I don’t “go big” very often, but I’ve done two 7 stairs and a plenty of 6 foot or so drops, and lots of smaller ones. Maybe it’s a matter of time, I don’t know.

well forest all I do is big stuff all the time… big stairs and big drops… Im not that much of a flatland type of person…

Same here, I have th DX hub and crank, and havent broke or bent them at all. I have done some pretty big gaps and drops too. =p

well I decided to do this : buy a kh frame for a bigger seat post, get a thomspon, fix my profile and go to the profile main office and take a dump on there desk

How do you plan on fixing the profiles? Excactly what broke on them?

that’s going to be a bit pricey, but go for it. you’ll love the KH frames(I’m assuming your going to get the new one) theyr all nice and light and strong.

I hate to be a thread stealer but how did Joe break his Koxx cranks? Mine are fucked right now but thats due to my seller providing me with defective merchandise. How did he break his?

I am not sure excactly how he broke hi. I will have to find out.

That sucks about your canks though, will rengade send anything back? refund? a new set? anything like that?

i reckon if you take a dump on there desk, you’re not very likely to get a warranty ever again. ever.

that would be so cool if you did do that, it would piss a lot of people off though, imagine if someone took a dump on your desk

you listen to profiles? i thought you were supposed to ride on them.

seriously, don’t post anything about either brand unless you have direct experience. otherwise all you’re doing is spreading rumor. and rumors do no good for anyone on these fora.

i’ve been rocking profiles for years now and haven’t had any problems. they take anything and everything i’ve thrown at them. my ankles will break before those cranks do.

i think the kh/ onza cranks are better than qu-ax cranks on flatland! the qu-ax cranks are thin, but the kh cranks are wide if you understand… but maybe the qu-ax cranks have better quality…

i’ll probably get shot for saying this, but go for the koxx isis hub and cranks. you probably wont consider it and everyone will probably bag them.

based on that, between the kris holm and profiles, i’d say go for the profiles beacuse of the cranks not being so bendy (going off what i’ve heard).

They are supposed to replace the cranks but right now there aren’t any cranks available, they are sold out and Koxx is sold out and by the looks of things aren’t even making anymore.