kh trials bearing problem

I recently messed up the left bearing and possibly the bearing housing. Does offer replacement bearings for the kh trials/will a generic 40mm bearing work with my axle if i put the spacer on it to accomodate the frame? If my bearing housing is bent, is there any way i can get a replacement?

See this thread for info on where to order bearings for the Summit or KH: Summit Bearings, Where do I get them? doesn’t have the KH bearings listed in their online catalog. Just because it isn’t in their online catalog doesn’t mean that they don’t have it. Call them up and ask. Otherwise you can either order them from Boca Bearing or find a local bearing supplier that has them. may have spare KH bearing housings. Call them up and ask. It’s a big maybe but worth a shot. They do stock spares even if all the spares are not in the online catalog. Otherwise I’d check with a local machinist to see if they can somehow fix it.

kh bearings will work with a Summit just use the sleeve around them that the Summit came a pinch, i think they will work without the sleeve too