KH trials, 20" Freestyle, 5 ft. giraffe, 24" beginner, 20" BC, saddles

Located in Granite Bay, CA, 35 mi NE of sacramento. pick-up only.

$300 - KH trials (2005), carbon fiber seat-base w/KH foam (SUPER strong comfy seat), tire in great shape, bedford bubblegum pink frame, snafu pedals

$80 - Semcycle Longneck Freestyle, new primo THE WALL tire, strong 48-spoke wheel, miyata saddle is falling apart but still works. 110mm cranks. have extra 102mm cranks, and 125mm cranks

$80 - 5 ft. torker giraffe, like new. w/ custom welded giraffe stand!!!

$40 - torker 24", first unicycle i learned to ride on!, new tire, miyata saddle in good shape, needs a new tube

$40 - 20" BC wheel, 48 spoke strong wheel, nice aluminum Bedford platforms, pink tire in good shape,

$30 - KH saddle, great condition

$50 - carbon fiber touring seat. currently its an airseat, but you can see the cover is ripped. get a new cover and keep the airsaddle insides or use foam. this has a SUPER beefy super custom seatpost that is welded to handle bolts. i think the seatpost is 22.2 mm – whatever the standard is for the original coker frame.

**free helmet with custom art, unicon 15 lanyard, pedals…

$600 takes all – must take all.

Blessings, Jess