KH Street Fusion Cover

Where can I get one of these? UDC only has the older ones for the huge DX style seats. has them in stock, you can also send a closer to you an email and ask if they have them (it might not show on page).

Dude, I live in the states!:stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: that’s not even the Street cover, thats the old style that i don’t want. I need the Street cover.

Try Bedford then… :wink:

EDIT: has the new KH Street fusion covers in stock, I’ve ordered two before.

Yeah, I’ll try Bedford.

“The Kris Holm Fusion Cover will fit on all KH Seats.”
Oh! I get it now! D-OH!
So will this fit on a Street Fusion?
It wouldn’t have the cool logo on top though and the one on the back would be covered by my bumper! lol.

Well?..Will it?

well duh.

any cover will fit on it.

just because it’s skinnier doesnt mean that you need a defferent one…

Hey, Jist makin sure.:o

yeah, sorry, I sounded a little harsh.:o


What about this?
Seems like it ways that they are different yet the same???

I you look at the bottoms of the freeride and the street, the cover comes just as far under the seat on both of them. I’m afraid that if i get the fusion cover from UDC, it will be too big.
So, I’m wondering if I should Buy a gel bike seat cover and a fusion cover and make a custom seat (if the fusion cover will work with a thin thin thin seat), or should I get the Fusion street new?
I want a removable cover so I can experiment with different paddings. I was thinking of trying those wierd squishy balls they sell at the dollar store that feel like they’re filled with gel.

I read a post by Kris saying that the replacment cover will fit ALL Fusion saddles. Just get the replacement cover from UDC. It will fit.

Well if you get the normal fusion cover it will fit all of them because it is big. The street seat is thinner and has a cover made to fit it specifically but you can still use a normal cover, there will just be more room.

I have a miyata CF seat with a thin bit of kh foam on it and I ride the normal cover and I still have it pretty tight.