KH splined for sale, 20"


im selling just the Hub and cranks now

there is a Luna tire and a Yuni frame that go with it to.

But for the Hub and cranks im thinking $150 Canadian , but you pay for shipping.

right crank is a bit tweaked other then that there fine.


untitled.bmp (549 KB)

and …

hub1.bmp (440 KB)

unfortunatly, a twisted axle is pretty severe. im sure the forum likes your honesty but i would be surprised if anyone would buy a hub with a twisted axle so you can stop flooding the front page.

Do you think the axle (spindle) is necessarily twisted? A friend of mine’s kh crank is bent but theres nothing wrong with the axle. His KH is going to get a long life maybe with the exception of a replaced crank.

i never asked for your opinion, im asking if anyone wants to buy it. and i dont think its the axle cause ive taken it off and looked at it. So it has to be the crank.

And is there a reason for you being so rude?

if you’ve got something to say then PM me because im trying to sell my cranks and hub.

still up for grabs by the way.


Hey Justin,

E-mail me. I’m interested.