kh seat for sale

hi everyone,

im sick of the KH seat and the onza ive ordered is coming with one so would anyone be interested in buying it?(im Canadian)

plus i have an old miyata seat with no handle im looking to get rid of, might make a good freestyle seat:D



Re: kh seat for sale

Maybe me. Email me off-list…

Mark Newbold
Shelburne, Vermont USA

Just out of curiousity, why are you sick of it?

Wicked you ordered a onza, those rule! What type of uni has the KH seat right now?

hey everyone

i have one guy interested right now for both seats ( $60 american) anybody else?


I might buy the miyata I might not, it would cost me $20 to get a new handle, which I want.
Or I could get a new one with a handle for $40 from, if they would get them back in stock.


this seat does come with a miyata seat post to … i think 300mm ( the longest one) i was kinda hoping i could sell them in a pair though


how much do u want for the kh saddle…and which model is it…fusion…stapled version…if its the fusion i want it…I am in ottawa…



The seat was sold 4 years ago.

wow…really…geez…i was just looking to find a seat…I really need one

LOL tggats the FUNNIEST post ever…

check the dates before resurecting a selling topic LOL :smiley:

and fusion wasnt before 04 :stuck_out_tongue: (or was it 05…)

hahahahahah aaaaahhhhh yarharhar sigh