Kh seat cover to koxx saddle

I have first sadle (koxx oryginal) on this photo

And I must buy a seat cover. I find this cover

It is good to my seat ? Fit ?

Sorry but my english is not good

I don’t know about he Koxx saddles; however, there is too much variation in the KH Fusion saddles to be sure if this cover will fit. I would call UDC and ask them. From the looks of it your saddle is fairly low profile. The original KH Fusion has a lot of foam, and is very much like the Nimbus Hi-top saddle. The Fusion Freeride saddle has less padding, and still quite a bit, and the Fusion Street is a low profile saddle. Between them it seems like one of the newer covers might fit, but again you should ask UDC.

it’ll be fine. I’ve done it 3 times with different fusion covers. It might be a little tight or loose, but the drawstring lets you tighten it more.