kh/schlumpf hub

hey all got a geared hub for sale.
-brought it last may
-haven’t ridden it since at least start of the year
-done a max 5km
-comes with tools, book and grease.

not sure whats its worth, hopefully at least $1k, chasing offers at the moment.

currently laced to kh26 rim, happy to throw that in.

postage will be from Perth Australia

cheers Tom

how much would shipping t canada cost?

Hi ,
Can I get some more info.
What Number is your hub
Spoke guage
Kh rim is it the solid or drilled out rim
Any cranks with it.


I might be interested as well, Basically the same questions as Jimbo. I will be in Melbourne in about a week (nowhere near Perth I realize but better than shipping to Canada)

I realise you probably already have a buyer for this but I am very interested too if no-one else purchases the hub.


Sent you a PM.