KH Schlumpf hub.

Hello everyone!

I started thinking about buying a KH Schlumpf hub to built in a GMuni. Since it’s really really expensive, I want to see if anyone has a hub or maybe a Muni wheel that they are thinking or selling. I’m looking for the hub alone, or a 24" wheel or 26" wheel and frame. Tell me if you have anything I’m looking for! If I have to buy it new I’ll probably wait during the winter.

Thanks, I hope to join the geared hub club soon :smiley:

Really, really expensive is about right, so better start selling off those YU-GI-OH! cards :wink:

See PM

I never played YO-GI-OH… It may be time to sell my MTB which I never use though, I used it once this summer I think. And it may also be time to sell the bunch of Trials unicycle parts that I’ll never use! I think I’ll make a garage sale this week in the trading forum!

PM replied :slight_smile: