KH-Schlumpf hub wanted

Hi, I am looking to buy a second-hand KH-Schlumpf hub or a unicycle equipped with such. I know they are no longer manufactured, so looking for one at the secondary market. I am aware of the price tag, of course. And, naturally, I will cover the cost of international shipment. Thanks)

Hi, I’m selling my KH 26er with Schlumpf hub, disc brake and Mad4one handle saddle M. Schlumpf hub is inside the 5year warranty until May 2021.

Price is €1.600,00 (for ~ €2.300 worth of all components).

Interested? If yes, I’ll send you pictures and full details of all the parts.

Hi! Yes, I am interested, thank you. Please send in the pics and details.

Is the Schlumpf hub no longer made?

As far as I know, it isn’t produced anymore.

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Schlumpf hubs are produced in batches. It´s only a sideline business
That`s what they say on their website:

“For capacity reasons, no unicycle hubs are available at the moment.
We are trying to ensure production in the future through cooperation with a partner company.
However, results are not yet ready to be announced, as production is very complex.”

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Arh, that’s too bad.

You are welcome to send to

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