KH/Schlumpf hub price

I don’t know if it has been posted yet, but i just checked the Schlumpf website, and they posted the price of the KH/Schlumpf hub. It’s $1268 USD (about $300 more than the standard Schlumpf hub).

Ah, cool. I don’t think anyone has posted that yet.

Link > (go to price list button at top)

Price (including crankarms):

CHF 1’056.- / € 660.- / $ 918.-

Price (not including crankarms):

CHF 1’421.- / € 872.- / £603.- / $1268.-

STM - wondering why the standard one isn’t price in £ ?

Maybe they don’t want anyone in the UK to get one?

Nice to know the prices are up, They weren’t there yesterday

I’m surprized how quiet this news is. The cost is not as high as I feared. Hmmmmm.

Its interesting to see that the original hub comes with crankarms, whereas the KH one doesn’t. Maybe they’re expecting people to be building up their own setups from parts with the Muni hub, but buying them built up with the standard? Its not that important, since the double-hole cranks are only an extra £50 and you’ve already paid £600 for the hub.

I also thought the hub would be a lot more than £600. You could build up a seriously awesome geared muni for less than £1000.


So now with the price and availability known, which one should I choose for 36ing?

Unless you’re strapped for cash, the muni hub for sure. With the high gear, you aren’t going to want shorter than 125mm cranks (probably 150s), so the 150 cranks (or 150/125mm dual hole) are available. The hub is wider (although I think the new road hub may be wide too?), so should work better with a big wheel. Also, the strengthened shift buttons / levers are an advantage probably worth paying extra for.


The muni hub will definitely be worth the extra cash. That hub plus the dual drilled cranks = perfection. I think that I might be putting the hub on a 29er though now since I am planning on doing a lot of traveling this summer and want something extremely versatile and smaller than the 36. Actually, it was seeing how easily Joe was able to carry his schlumpf 29 all around everywhere and the use he got out of it in NZ and AUS by doing long distance road rides and long muni rides with it that made me realize how great it would be for traveling.

I really want to put it in a 36" wheel though as well. I think it would be the ultimate road uni with those dual drilled cranks and 2 gears. Combine that with the Ti frame and wow…talk about amazing. I’ll have to hold off on that though I guess and see how the hub does in the 29er.

I’m going to see if I can place an order now. I have been waiting a while for this hub to come out.

Does anyone know if the new hub will fit on my nimbus 29" frame?

Are they actually shipping them already? Tell us how the ordering process goes, Siafirede.

It should if it’s bearing holders are 42 mm. If they’er 40, that could be a problem.

What about for a 29"? I’m just planning to do road riding so I’m assuming that the muni hub would be a waste of money – yes/no?

I’m also thinking of buying a complete uni from them rather than just a hub. I’m lazy that way. Anybody know what the prices have been for that?

Maybe. The standard hub requires a frame that can handle the “torque lever”–you can see it in the picture on Schlumpf’s website. There’s a standard Schlumpf frame that will easily work with the standard hub, but the frame itself is not so good for a number of reasons, as I’ve heard/read. I don’t know that there are any other 29er frames that would work without modification.

Also, dual drilled crank arms for the standard hub may be harder to acquire. Of course, if you’re only riding on the road, you might not care so much.

On the other hand, the MUni hub fits the very nice KH frame, and dual drilled splined cranks are readily available–the splined interface is good for distance riding because you don’t have to worry as much about it coming loose.

also, the KH muni geared hub has much less slop.

Does it? “Much less slop” may be an overstatement. I’ve ridden the standard one, and I don’t remember much slop, if any.

Buying unicycles is so complex – I’m a much better rider than purchaser.

KH hub sounds good, KH frame sounds good. But where can I buy them together? doesn’t list a Sclumpf option, and uses the schlumpf frame (and is quite expensive – $1,995 is more than I would have expected). I can probably rationalize spending $1,995, but not if I’ll get a hub that can’t handle some crank arms and a frame that is not so good.

I haven’t tried dual-drilled crank arms but I like the concept, although it may be overkill when using a hub that can itself change gears.

We’re all eagerly waiting. It’s not quite out yet. :slight_smile:

There’s also a new schlumf hub coming out in 2008 which uses the same principle as the KH for connecting to the frame, therefore it doesn’t require a torque arm.

Probably will require machined 40mm OD bearing holders though. It will still be cheaper than the MUni hub.

You can’t buy them yet because they haven’t been released. very very soon though.

I think the dual hole option is still usefull even in a shiftable situation.

I recently got my geared 36er with the regular Schlumpf hub and I can say there is definetely no slop and VERY little play, I have had crank arms just starting to loosen that have more play than my Schlumpf hub, even on a 36" wheel.