KH Saddle

I have a torker DX with the DX seat and everything, and I want to start doing more SIF and stuff… But the dx seat is sooo big!
Will it make a big difference if I get the KH street saddle? Im in a pickle because I want a new seat and BC wheel plates… :frowning:

Also, does anyone have super cheap BC plates or know an easy way to make them?

Yes! And I think you should prefer a new seat over new bc plates.

If you’re short on cash why don’t you try cutting down the foam first, I am pretty sure that they both have the same base; the bases on my KH seats say velo on them. Try some mods before going out and buying something new, you will save money and have something that you can have the pride of saying that you customized it yourself. I have two old school saddles that I modified and find more comfortable than the KH freeride for MUni and trials. I don’t do much SIF but it is much better for me with my cut seat than before I modified it.

As for the plates, Can you weld? They shouldn’t be very hard to make if you can.

Yeah, try cutting down the foam first. There have been a few guides on how to do that on this site. Then you can make it whatever size you want. I even added SIF grips on the bottom of my base with duct tape and cardboard. Works great.

i cut the foam on my qu-ax to save some $$$ and it worked great!

just take off the cover by removing the staples.

then take the cover off the foam, if they are glued together, be very careful that you don’t ruin you cover when getting them apart.

then cut as much foam off as you want, start w/ a little,the put everything back together w/o stapling anything, and see how it feels.
^^do this until your satisfied,

then use a stable gun/ hardware stapler to staple the cover back to the saddle base. try to do it neatly and pre plan where the excess will go.

then taaa-daaa, you have a street saddle.

this worked great for me!

this is only how i did it, and i didnt use a tutorial, so if anyone has arguments or suggestions, tell the man! i dont want him to do something wrong because im and idiot:p

a groove is useful, but if you cut from the underside of the foam (DO NOT REMOVE THE SIDES) it works better. i used a dremel tool and some kind of semi round sanding bit to do this. i also carved a groove in the top of the seat and its awesome :slight_smile:

It isn’t clear from your post how good you are, but if you’re absolutely beginning SIF, the seat will feel really massive whatever seat you have. Particularly when you’re taking it out or putting it back under you, it will feel like it’s impossible to do anything with. It might be that you can do okay for now with a full sized seat, a lot of people used to do SIF just fine with the big old KH seats.


I disagree, I still suck at SIF but can definitely tell the difference between a stock old KH and a cut down old KH. I have no experience with a proper street saddle but I can say my seat is WAY nicer to use now since the modifications, both for SI and SIF.

For reattaching the cover I made small holes along the bottom edge and laced it like a shoe. It worked well for me and I don’t have to deal with staples every time I want to do a further mod. The downside is that it is possible to rip out your lacing but it hasn’t happened yet.

my two bits.

was it like a hoody string, where it goes through a “tube” in the fabric, because the qu-ax saddle is only single layer “pleather”, and i cant lace it w/ just a single layer, can i?

The old KH seats were the same way, I originally tried using the holes left by the staples but that ripped right away. I then made small holes with an awl about 1cm from the edge and passed a nylon cord through the holes. I melted the end of the cord and formed a point to make this easier. I just laced it like a shoe but had to do it with the seat post on because it covers the nuts.

My holes stretched out to be about 3mm long but have not ripped yet.

you could easily sew on some wide loops of fabric and add a draw string like the Fusion cover. I would have done this if I had a sewing machine.

what if you put rivets in the fabric?

or do like i am going to and sew on some fabric strips to create the KH style seat cover…

yeah our sewing machine just broke when i was making shinpads the other day:o

did the machine break or just the needle? Needles are cheep, get your mom a new pack of needles and buy yourself a pack of heavy duty ones for stuff like plether and whatever you were making the shinpads out of.

no the timeing is off between the needle and bobin…it wont stich right at all.

is it making big loops on one side and pulling tight on the other? If so it is just a tension issue and this should be adjustable. It is a really finicky adjustment on most machines and I would suggest you get someone who knows what they are doing to help. I can fix most of them but not from on-line, it take a bit of trial and error to get it right.

Or you can just hand stitch on the new fabric strips.

my parents said that it wouldn’t be worth messing with. My mom was given the machine by my grandma, and its VERY old.