I put myself out of action (more ‘white-outs’/head aches) for a couple weeks by doing some casual hopping… seems that aggressively pulling from the crotch while on the uni will make one go blind (and it doesn’t seem to matter which hand I use…). So, no hopping, gapping, spinning… freestyle, out, Muni, out… let’s see, that leaves me with a much neglected Coker…

So I got to put 18 miles on a new Coker mounted KH saddle last night- what a surpirse: it was hard as a rock! The Coker seat post didn’t allow for quite as much pitch rotation of the saddle as does the United seat post- combined with what must be a VERY differnt posture when riding the big wheel… and I was numb in less than 8 miles. I’ll take a drill to the seat post to see if I can increase the range any; if not, there is always the Steve Howard rail adapter. While I blame seat angle for the discomfort, there may be a differnece in padding between this KH sadle and my other… I’ll measure the height-at-handle on both and post any discovery.

End babble.


You can always place washers between the seat base and the seat post to adjust seat angle before you go to a rail adapter.

I have a Velo saddle which I think is similar to the KH? I think it’s more comfortable with the nose a bit lower than, say, the Viscount. Could be worth a try.

If not, ask the Doctor to take away the pain and leave the swelling.:wink:

I am a fireman, I put out fires!.. NUMmmmmmB!!!

As a positive side effect, this blindness and numbness and pain seems to have improved your spelling… somewhat!

All is not lost!

Keep on rollin’!