KH rim and spokes. Ano or Painted??

Hey i was wondering if anybody know if the KH trials rims and spokes are painted or anodized?

Both should be anodized.

maybe the spokes should be, but they aren’t, them being made of stainless steel and anodising being only suitable for aluminium

i was thinking that both the rim and the spokes might be powdercoated

Perhaps the spokes are not anodized per say but a quick google on coloring of black spokes yielded “Finished in black using an electro-chemical treatment that is durable, and does not weaken the spoke” (this is the case for DT).

Sometimes the terms seems to be used loosely in this area. (Also the term differs in meaning in english and my native language, so I may be off strictly speaking.)

With the 08 wheelset I think the spokes are powdercoated or something, but not anodized. The rim is anodized. I looked into different ways of painting all of it. Couldn’t find any cheap ways.

shld i powdercoat my KH 07 rim? i wanted to get it powdercoated purple but im not sure how much thatd cost or where i can get it done

A local shop had a $70 minimum per color. You could do all the pieces of a uni at once. (a 36" rim might be too big for their oven)

I’ve heard you could have them add the part you want done to the piece of another customer (if you didn’t mind the color they were doing) for like $15, but the shop I talked to said NO WAY at any price.

Edit: agentQ has done his own powder coating.

THATS EXPENSIVE… I paid 30 bucks :wink:

BTW, to have Fluo and solid colors uses Powder Coating. If you want a metalic color, Like K1 Purple rim, anodize it!

While we are on the topic of powdercoating. I just recently set up a powdercoating system at my house:D. So expect some pictures of my own custom paint jobs!