KH/Profile bearing adapters @ now has the custom bearing adapters for fitting the Profile wheel in the KH Taiwan frame.
They are very nicely machined aluminum sleeves. There are two sizes. One will bring the Profile 1-5/8"O.D bearing up to the 42mm O.D. and the other will work with the 40mm O.D. bearing.
I’ve got both sizes and am using the one for the 1-5/8" bearing. The fit is great, it slips on the bearing snugly and allows easy wheel installation and removal, unlike the shim stock I was using before.
I’ve been on a few hard MUni rides with this set up and things have worked out perfectly, hopping, dropping and high torque climbs etc. There is no movement or slop, they are just what the doctor ordered.
Many thanks to John Drummond.

  • Frank