Kh Problems!

ALL of you with kh hub problems. CALL UNICYCLE.COM!this is a problem in the 2004 sires.i had this problem with my kh trials and they gave me a MUST call before 30 days of this problem.your hub/axel can go freewheel at any not try to fix it will void the warenty.!

I am not sure where you have this information from. This is not the case. 30 day warranty? since when? Free wheel - never, impossible.
We know what the problem is, it is not on a 100% of the hub/unicycles that have been produced since May by any means, but it does seam to be affecting quite a few.
We are totally understandable about the situation and if you have fixed it, it will not invalidate the warranty for this. in the US are recalling any that are showing problems and rectifying the problem permanently. They are also modifying ALL of their existing stock, this is delaying dispatch slightly as they do hold a lot of stock. So please be patient with them.
total uni - please do not attempt to be a spokesperson for, if you are worried about anything about the warranty or problems with your products please contact your local


i have heard that 3 people have gone free wheel.sry about the 30 day part and that was me thinking of the return poliolise

Roger is right. Let speak for themselves. If it were that big of a deal they’d e-mail or contact everyone who had bought the product and notify them of the flaw.

Unicycles don’t go freewheel, except for a few rare cases in the suzue hub. THe KH hub is press fit into the flange setup, and has 2 or 6 (i forget which) keyways in it. It can’t go freewheel. I don’t believe that you’ve heard of 3 KH hubs going freewheel firstly because it virtually impossible, and secondly because at least one of those people would’ve said something about it happening. SO anyways, unless you are absolutely sure that they have gone freewheel, please don’t spread rumors.

is the problem u are talking about where it kind of clicks all the time?if it is then im having that problem to. cause i have had mine only a few months.

I think hey was saying the wheels were replaced with free wheels. Not that they became freewheeling unicycles because the keyways failed. There are 6 BTW.

is the problem u are talking about where it kind of clicks all the time?if it is then im having that problem to. cause i have had mine only a few months.

I am having this problem I have had mine for 3 weeks, I think it is one of the bearings going bad, I believe the left one. Know where I can get another bearing at didnt see them listed on, or is it covered under warranty or what? I have the clicking problem also.

The problem that everyone is talking abut is the axle moving inside the hub. Not a clicking. If you have any problems or any questions i am sure that if you call they can help you.

TCUC’s club KH is starting to have slop in it and it’s only a month old…

The problem is where there is actually movement seen on one crank when you move the other crank even when the bolts are very tight.



any solutions??

could you tell us more because i am seriously considering getting a kh trials wheelset, is this a problem with all of the hubs or just some

To what noise or movement?

Actually both can be solved by makeing sure everything is tight that can be. If movement/noise persists then follow John Childs instructions and bond the hub/keyway in position.


Some. Not all by any means.

All the stock at are being delt with prior to being distpatched. So there should be no more with problems.


thank you

one more question (sorry for the thread jacking) does a kh wheelset fit a 20 inch yuni frame as far as the bearing are concerned

yes and no…

Been doing a lot of these exact answers recently havn’t I.

The bearings on the KH are 42mm, the ones on the Yumi are 40mm. But… because the bearing holders are pressed steel they tend to be able to fit the larger bearings in, but only just. You tend to need longer bolts though.

Hope this helps.


i thought i read somewhere that the kh bearings have a shim on them is this true and if so could i remove the shim to make the yuni frame fit better