KH powdercoat finish

As much as I loved the blue on my KH20, I had a certain thing in mind to change it to white instead.

Either way…the powdercoaters that are re-doing it for me said that this is one of the toughest finishes that they have ever seen. They were highly impressed at how difficult it was to strip the original blue finish.

Another fantastic point about the KH line…Nice job Kris:)

I just hope my new finish is as nice as the stock finish.

what did it cost you ?

How much to strip the blue, and how much for the new ? I guess Kris goes with all blue because of the extra cost-handling of rainbow stocking. I can see the downside. Unless he correctly predicts the popularity of each color some odd colors may stay in stock or run out etc.
I wonder if he had a few hundred unpainted uni’s shipped unassembled to a dealer with a paint shop connection, this might work out. My guess is Kris would do it as long as the order was large enough to be worth the hassle. The paint shop dealer (not KH) could paint a bunch of parts a certain color as demand played out, sitting on a large stock of unpainted stock. Say, 10 rims, a dozen frames, and 7 hubs might be painted red one day, all at once without needing to clean the sprayer etc. Then a different color and bunch of parts the next day etc. as need played out.
Maybe I am completely off base here. How much $ is saved painting a bare frame vs. needing to strip it first ? How much extra would most people pay to be able to get any part in any color ? How much would KH save by shipping bare parts sealed in plastic vs powder coating them overseas ? I am sure it is much cheaper to powder coat a huge number of frames at once in a Taiwanise factory, then to do it one by one here. Yet it still costs something.

why white?

Pwdercoating on Aluminum Vs CroMoly

My original Unicycle was an ONZA 24" CroMoly black powdercoated. The powder coating there was indestructable. That MUni took so many falls and it does not have one scratch that has reached the metal. There are a few small dents and knicks but the paint has remained on!

I also have 3 KH Unicycles. The KH29 that I have had the longest I use for Cross Country and road riding. It has taken very few falls and is therefore in new pristine condition. The KH20 is brand new, just out of the box. The KH24 is what I use the most and it has quite a few scratches right down to the bare metal right into the Aluminum. The design of the KH24 2007 is so much better than the ONZA but the CroMoly is so much more resilient than the aluminum. The Powder coating also grabs the Cromoly much better.


Ill just add…
Ive had my KH20 for just over a week now, and sadly it has 3 or 4 scratches already! Maybe it’s me being picky, but it does seem pretty easy to scratch the paint off :frowning: :thinking:

Thats funny. i also live in MN, have a new KH 20, and I want to powder coat it white.

did you take your uni to get powder coated somewhere in the Twin Cities?
How much did they charge you?

Hey neighbor…we should get together and ride…I live in St. cloud. I took it to and they just did the minimum charge for it and that was $35 to strip and re-shoot it.

I live in Chaska, kind of south west of the Twin Cities.

Sure, I’ll ride with you. just let me know


The powdercoat on the Torker DX is horrible.

I was trying to wheel walk, which I can’t do, and my shoes rubbed the finish off the crown of the frame.

On my Kh 20 I have found that paint from the top of the welds was worn away quickly from 1ft skills and a large amount of paint has also been removed from the top portion of my fork from were my leg (with pad) brushed over it each time I tried to land a 180flip.

Well that explains why Kris doesn’t bother with colors then. I have spent to much time around motorcycles, and had assumed you would pay 100 +.

I don’t think the DX is powdercoated but yeah I know what you are saying.

the kh wasn’t that hard to remove the paint from. i know. i did it by hand for spencer’s frame.
and actually powdercoating it should not be that hard. again i know. i have done several frames myself.

and Borgschulze: pretty sure the dx isn’t powder coated

The pedals on my brothers trial bike were powder coated and that was so hard. In the end he gave up with using sandpaper and used the wire brush on the angle grinder. the paint on my kh frame has been removed just from me repeditly rubbing my leg across it. I would much rather my frame be like his pedals and for the paint to be near impossible to remove. I wouldnt care that it would be hard to remove when I came to respray it because I wouldnt want to respray.