KH Percussion vs Kali AAZIS

I’ve decided I might consider buying some knee-shin guards but I’m not sure which of these two brands would better suit my needs. I don’t do muni (but would eventually, someday) - ideally, I’m looking for something I can use both for practicing new tricks on a 20" and for high speed crashes on a 36" (after the last two times I turned my knee into red paste going 20mph :D).

What are the pros and cons of each? Or, is there a third option that would work even better?

I’m also mildly interested and looking forward to what others suggest, maybe as a way to get myself back to attempting some more adventurous stuff.

I haven’t seen them in person but from pictures the AAZIS are completely open in back, so there’s no protection from pedal bites on the calves.

G-Form pads seem popular around here, esp with those who find the KH Percussions to be stiff and bulky.

SixSixOne knee/shin guards were also popular with unicyclists for a while. They seem to change model names a lot but the 4X4’s got mentioned a lot. “Rage” and “Exo” are models I’ve seen around lately. Race Face Flank is another brand that’s out there.

Existing thread here btw, but not many updates recently there:

I used to use SixSixOne puck gloves for street luge and they made a quality product. I should check out their guards if I get a chance. Need to find a store though, I want to see em in person if I can.

Sorry to duplithread, it’s so hard to keep track of what is actively being discussed on this site because it seems like there are two people on here at a given time.

Don’t sweat it. :sunglasses: I posted that just in case you wanted to look back at the recommendations already made, not to scold. I’d rather see duplicated discussions than none at all, and there hasn’t been a lot of fresh input latley.

And I meant to type “Evo” not “Exo” for the SixSixOne model name, but searching around a little apparently they have products with each of those names. Talk about confusing…

I’m still curious to see the comparison, but for what it’s worth I bought some KH Percussions from the trading post earlier today. Since we’re on the SixSixOne topic, I also ordered a SixSixOne Comp 2014 full face helmet (on clearance). Very excited to give some new safety gear a try (so I can go faster, of course).

Now, if somebody buys me some Kali AAZIS, I can do a legitimate comparison. :smiley:

I’ve been looking to get a new helmet possibly a full face. Do you have a link to where you bought yours? I went to the six six one site but didn’t see anything on clearance. I might if missed it though.

KH Percussion all the way for me. Had a pair of Kalis and they were waaaay too short, even though I ordered a size larger as per their suggestion. Also don’t like that you have to remove your shoes in order to put them on or take them off! KH are purpose built for unicyclists, and they go on/off fast & easy. Also like the form-fit hard shell knee cap. KH FTW!

I ordered mine from Chain Reaction Cycles (got the black and white one). It looks like they’re closing out the 2014 model (which looks cooler than the new one in my opinion) so the price is very good.

As if I wasn’t sold enough, that pretty much gave me a massive reassurance that I made the best choice. I’m excited to give them a shot. :smiley: