Kh/onza 07 vs Nimbus Isis trials

Hi, I have been comparing unicycles and have found that for a price of $400 or under my choices seem to be a kh/onza 07, or a nimbus Isis trials. Bedford unicycles said that the kh/onza is better than a nimbus, and he seems reliable. Is this true? Which will I be better off with. For the price of the kh/onza (with Bedford frame). I could have a nimbus with rollos and moments. What is my best bet? I can’t afford a new kh, so this is not an option.

i say go for nimbus for isis/ and moments.

i’m very hard on the nimbuses and weigh 185 and they’ve held up for so long. my oldest one is over a year old now and it’s running just perfect, and i’ve done at least like 4000 drops on it

Thanks, I’ve heard good things about nimbus.

What kind of uniing will you be doing?

I want to do some trials, as well as flatland, like unispins and crankrolls.

Tubular cranks have the strongest strength to weight ratio IF you don’t do anything to dent the tubing.

I have a friend who rode (rides? not sure haven’t seen him in a couple years) a KH/Onza trials he eventually bent his cranks from doing crank-grabs onto cement. They took one hell of a beating though.

While the KH/Onza setup may arguably be stronger I would still go with the Nimbus setup so you can more easily change parts when you want to try something different or if something does end up braking.

Thanks, is the nimbus hub strong at all?


Thanks, does anybody know if there is any tax or anything besides shipping on unicycles from

I have an 05 KH-Onza. I am pretty sure that the 07 was when KH switched to a Nimbus like ISIS hub and stopped using the Onza hub.

The KH- onza has worked fine for me. I would recommend the ISIS setup anyway, as parts are cheaper and easier to find.

I assume you live in Canada. The store is based in Alberta so you won’t pay any provincial tax but only the GST. They also ship for free for orders above $350.

Okay, thanks for the information.