KH non-splined goodness

I just got my new KH signature 20" trials uni, the non-splined version. It is absolutely awesome. The tire is sweet, the seat is even better, the frame rocks and it just LOOKS cool. “Steve got a new unicycle!” and “Yeah, it looks pretty cool!” were some of the more common responses to my new unicycle, along with “holy s***!” when I told them how much I paid ($300 CAD, which is actually pretty cheap compared to a lot of trials unis). These people do not realize that unicycles that are good can cost quite a bit. They all told me I should have gotten a bike, but I don’t listen to those people.

I could not have spent a better $300. This is an amazing piece of machinery. I can easily take it off 3 foot drops without even blinking. The only problem I’ve had so far is that my pants got caught in the tread of the tire and were sucked into the frame, causing me to fall off and look like a “n00b”. :frowning: I’m willing to overlook that because everything else is so good though.

Also, when people said that the KH saddle is the most comfy one out there, you should believe them. It is a step up from my custom United air seat. On top of all that comfort, it comes with a really cool handle which actually works. I thought I would need to fashion some sort of Reeder-like handle, but then I got this uni and found that the handle was more than enough for all my purposes.

I have been improving my skills steadily over the past month, and this uni will help in that process. I was starting to outgrow my old 20" freestyle one because I was trying to use it for semi-trials stuff. The KH that I have is a 2 or 3 pounds heavier than my old uni, which felt like a lot at first, but now that weight feels “normal”. I can hop just as high now with my new uni as with my old, lighter one.

In regards to the tire, it seems to be a no-name of some sort, but it has immense grip and is massive in size. I knew trials tires were huge, but not this huge. My tire was attracting as many comments as the antics of the rider. People said it was like a “dirt bike tire”. I’ll take that as a compliment. It absorbs bumps that would have thrown me off my other uni with its pitiful 2.125" wide tire. This 2.5" knobby beast will roll over anything, and allow you to hop over anything that you can’t. It has never been even close to bottoming out, although, I do have it at a relatively high pressure. (I don’t want it to wear out when I’m riding to my trials destination. My old uni has been designated the “commuter”, and my new one is for “busting it out” with trials and stuff.)

That sloping frame thing actually keeps your foot on top. I can’t actually ride one-footed, but I was leaning against a wall and put my foot on the crown just to see if it actually worked. I’ll tell you, it does. It is the perfect position. Your foot stays horizontal without any fear of it hitting the tire, even though it is very close. The only thing is that there is very little clearance between the frame and the tire.

Overall, I love this unicycle. For all my intended purposes, I give it a 9.75 out of 10.

I love my unicycle!!! :smiley:

Thanks for clearing that one up Steve, I wasn’t quite sure what you thought of it until then :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a question… Why the non-splined version? Was it cost or some other more cunning reason? Is it still good for big drops?(I’m guessing here that non-splined means traditional square taper)

cost and i’m a chicken

It was a question of cost, and how far I was going to drop. I weigh 120lbs, and don’t plan on ever doing drops more than 4 feet, but by then I’ll have a job and be able to buy a good uni. Like I said, it’ll take three footers with me on it with no problem at all. I’m sure I can get at LEAST another foot out of it. The question is, am I that good? <That was another factor in my purchase. I don’t see as I have the “need” for a splined unicycle, as I don’t do sick drops like that because I’m a bit of a wimp. :slight_smile:

Also, to my knowledge, the splined one comes only in orange… black just plain looks better. :smiley:

Hey this unicycle sounds too good to be true! Is it almost the same as the Kris Holm with splined, with the exception of the splining? Is the frame the same? What color is it? Are the pedals metal? Are the cranks similar to those on the KH splined? Do they have that annoying protrusion that hits your ankles?

$300 Canadian!

How much did you pay for shipping?

Please answer my questions. I want to buy this unicycle really bad!

Wow, $300 is great deal. Could someone please post a photo of the non-splined KH?


Yes a photo! I haven’t seen a photo of it yet, and the one on the cambey bike store site is a picture of the KH 24 splined taken from unicycle .com

Ive just wrecked my (no name) hub, so a KH spindled one is on order (soon)

Cant wait to get it… There will be no stopping me, well, almost!

Oh, and I think that was a very good review Steve! It should go in the ‘reviews’ part!