Kh Moments

I have 2 pairs of Moments for sale, $75 Shipped within the US each:

165/137mm - NEW - Never ridden other than the 5 minutes around the shop to verify the uni worked before I got ahold of it. They’re the newer, slightly lighter style. Still very shiny.

165/130mm - Very lightly used. I got them from a biker who hadn’t ridden his uni much, and I only used them 2 or 3 times in the 130mm hole before switching to a larger wheel. The older, slightly stronger style. Still mostly shiny, still very straight. Could be cut down to simply 130mm moments if desired.

Also have:

One pair 165/140mm - Very used. Still in great riding condition. One of the 140 holes didn’t get drilled perfectly, but I only ever noticed on the first ride. The older style, but drilled with 4x 3/4" holes each so their weight is similar to the newer style. - $55 shipped.

Do you have pics of the cranks somewhere else in the forum (or on the internet) ?

The Drilled pair, the others just look like moments.


165/137 pair sold.