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Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I’m from Austria and I have Kris Holm cranks to sale. I had them on my Muni for just 3 months, so they are quite new;)

These in 137mm :slight_smile:

Price: 50,00 euros


Would you ship to usa

In principle itβ€˜s possible to ship them. But that would cost arround 20€ so Iβ€˜m not sure if thats so clever. Maybe it would be cheaper for you to buy the cranks somewhere in the USA :wink:

Okay thanks

I really like those cranks.
How much would shipping to the netherlands be?

Shipping to the Netherlands would be arround 12€ :slight_smile:

how much are you looking for

how much are you looking for

I would really like to buy the cranks for 55 euro including the shipping