KH Moments 150mm

KH Moment cranks for sale! I think 150mm is too long, I’m going back to 137mm like I used to ride. They are in KH Moment condition, used, but still bombproof. A few scratches on one of the cranks.

I’m looking for either $40 CAD (plus shipping) or a pair of 137mm KH Moment cranks.


I would trade for Moments 137s also.

I would shipping be to US?

I can ship anywhere in the world as long as the buyer pays shipping.

Bump! These cranks are still looking for a new unicycle to be installed on!

Bump. Please take them, you know you want them :wink:

Bump… please, someone buy them!

I am offering to drill them out, with any size of holes, any number of holes for no extra charge. I have all the proper tools at my school to drill stuff professionnaly. I’ve drilled a few of my cranks already, there is at least 2 positive side about drilling cranks, it’s lighter, and it looks nicer.

If anyone is interested, I can drill them out and make these heavy Kris Holm Moment cranks look cool and light!

Hi Jaco_flans,

sorry for the thread hijack (with free bump ^_^), but as you mentioned that you have access to pro tools for drilling, I wanted give you the link to a thread I started where your expertise will be useful :slight_smile:

Sent PM !

Do you have access to a tap that would allow you to drill the cranks and turn them into dual or triple hole cranks ??

No I dont have access to the taps to make multi holed cranks. I plan on getting them sometimes in the next few months though.

Cranks are sold and will be drilled very soon! :slight_smile: