KH Moments 137mm cranks

I’m looking for a set of 137mm moments for my 24" muni. Anyone???

do you have 125mm kh moments?

Why not these? I have the 137s on my KH29g - they’re expensive, but worth it.

I know I can buy them new; I posted here in case anyone had a pair they weren’t using. I have 6 or 7 pairs of KH moments, most I’ve picked up used.

Yes I do… I have them on my 36" uni right now

Sorry, Tirving, your wanted-post had me thinking they were out of stock at UDC, or something. What have you paid for the used ones?

Whenever I “need” a new set, I’m always too impatient to wait, and just pony up for new stuff.

I’ve paid anywhere from $30 to $60 used… While I don’t “need” a pair, I think I’m just going to buy new since no one seems to have any used.

I’m beginning to think they’re the perfect length.

awesome! cause my brother is thinking about getting some 125’s… and he’s got 137’s… so could potentially do a swap. I’ll have to get my brother to check this out and stuff though.

Thanks for checking but I am keeping the the 125’s on my 36-er, the 137’s are for one of my Muni’s. I bought a new pair anyway :slight_smile: