KH Moment steel rings?

Hey all I was hoping you guys could offer me a little help, I was riding along and I hear a little ‘ping’ so I stop and check just to see nothing fell of my uni.

I look at the ground and find this little steel ring with 3 small indents which seemed to come from my moments. I put it back in with my fingers but there’s no way I could do it tight enough because there’s nothing to grip :confused:

So what do these things do?
How important are they to have on?
What tool do you use to tighten them back on?

you need blue loctite and use it directly on the piece that fell out. screw it back in with this tool… the “red” one is what you need. I’d just go to a bike shop and get it taken care of now, and have the tool if it happens again.

The ring helps to hold the pedal threads in place, if stuff gets loose, then it’s hard to take it all apart and put it back together nicely. don’t ride it a whole bunch until it’s fixed to avoid more difficulty.

Ah thanks for the reply, a ‘park spanner wrench’, just have to find a UK retailer :stuck_out_tongue:
And I was hoping on taking my uni into town tomorrow so I’m sure I could pop in the bike store, I’m not sure they do repairs and stuff though… and if they do how much do you think they’d charge if it all?

A lot of bike shops would just put it back on for you without charging, so you may want to buy a spare 29’er tube or get the pin wrench anyway. Good bike shops have at least two kinds of loctite on hand, so be sure to ask them to use it when they put the lock ring back.