KH models 2009 vs 2010 - which to buy?

I am finally able to buy a Kris Holm 24 unicycle. My dilemma is that currently, has the 2009 model on sale for $521 ($100 off normal price). Should I take advantage of this deal or should I hold out for the 2010 model? Are the changes made on the 2010 model worth an extra $100? I especially want to make sure that whatever I get has a comfortable seat. I’d appreciate your insight. Thanks.

If the same stands for the 24" KH’s it is the 2010 I just ordered a 20" KH at sale price and asked if it was a 2009 and they said they have had 2010’s forever this is just a little sale.

You should probably review the thread by KH about the 2010 changes: KH 2010 lineup - details and info are here

The only change to the seat, as I understand it, is slimmer foam. For $100, I feel like I could trim foam myself. As it is, I’m happy with the 2009 foam untrimmed.

I found this place, but their pics are waaay out of date, and the KH MUni in the link below is said to be a 2009 model, but it’s at least 4 years old, or more! Non-drilled rim, rail adapter on saddle, those little round things on the crown, and the older chromoly tubular cranks. So if anyone plans to buy from the “juggling store”, you’d better call them and confirm that you’ll be getting a NEW and most current model. Especially at their prices!

where do u buy

where would you buy a unicycle [not, way too much $] that is $200 or less and still has good quality???

You can find Torkers on Ebay. . . but frankly, you’re probably better off ponying up for a Nimbus at UDC. Lots of prior threads about first uni choices.

The answer is simple. Simpler than simple really. Just buy both and whichever one is not your favorite you can send to me. Just pm the tracking # when you have a minute. :wink:

Hmm, how can I tell if I have a 2010 model of 2009. I havn’t had a KH before so have no idea what I am looking for. I bought it about a month ago from UDC UK so I would assume it is a 2010 model

I totally agree with uniShark.

I bought a 20" torker dx off ebay to learn on. It was fine till I bought my 29" KH. Now I know there is no comparison in quality. I wish I had bought a 20" KH to learn on.

If you’re going to stick with it - get the best you can afford striaght away.

See these threads re the 2009 and 2010 KH lineups: