KH Leg Armor Sizes? How do I know what fits me?

I’m back for my periodic dose of uni-advice.
I’ve decided to buy KH leg armor, but I have no idea whether my leg fits into XL,X,M, or S?
Do those sizes affect calf length, distance around the calf, or what?
Can someone tell me what length/circumference fits into which sizes?
Thanks in advance.

When I got mine the only size they had was XL…And I wouldn’t describe myself as XL. However it doesn’t seem to big, or to get in the way: so I’d say if in doubt go for the larger size.


The sizing is based on leg length. I don’t think leg girth factors in much at all.

I’m six feet tall (1.83 m) and I use the XL Kris Holm armour. The XL is almost too long for me but that’s not a problem because the bottom inch or two is a fabric flap that can be bunched up if necessary. I like the XL because it covers my leg all the way down to the tops of my shoe. The advantage to having the armour go all the way down to the shoe is that the armour will not slide down when you crash because your shoe keeps it from sliding down too far. If the armour slides down it exposes your knee and I don’t like that.

When I was using Roach armour I would get the XL even though the XL was advertised as being for people 6 feet 3 inches and taller. The XL still fit me just fine.

From my experience with the KH armour I would say that the XL will be good for people 6 feet and taller. The L should be good for people under 6 feet. I don’t know where the Medium would fit in.

For the 661 armour I get Large because they don’t make an XL. The Large seems to fit fine but is a little higher from my shoe than an ideal fit.

Are you buying used? I was under the impression that the KH leg armor was a very limited run, and they were all gone.

KH unicycle armor from

Thanks for the advice on sizing, I’m 5 foot 10 inches, but I got my first stitches the last time my knee pads slid down during a crash, so I chose XL. lists KH leg armor in all four sizes, so I don’t think it’s used.
They also have arm armor in three sizes, only XL is missing. I may purchase L arm armor next, depends on how much I like this leg armor.
As usual, the time between placing an order and receipt of the goodies is nearly interminable.

PS. Any particularly good choices for a unicycle helmet? I’m using a bike helmet from three years ago right now. Is this particularly good or bad for unicycling?

i know this is a old thread but what kh size leg armour should i get?
I’m 5’8", the circumfrence of my calf at the widest point is 14"
so should i get the m or the large please help.

This thread might help Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armor Sizing


There should be a leg armour sizing chart on Kris Holm’s website.

Considering your age and knowing what size my friend has I think you would not fit into S or M but L or XL

I suggest getting a large.

I have a medium at the moment and I grew a lot and I’m now around 5’6", and it’s a fair bit too short.

The only one they had when I bought mine were XL which fit my leg legnth fine. The problem is as well as having long legs they are also very thin so i can’t strap it right round and they don’t really fit when wearing them over trousers and don’t fit at all under trousers.

err… does that even help you?

yes it means i shouldn’t get XL

thank you. I think i will get the large now thanks for all the help.

No problem, you’ll really like them :slight_smile:

yea i decided that I should get some after i fell of and got stiches in my knee. And because my 661’s only cover my shin.