KH hub type deal

Last Friday I noticed that the main cap part of my frame had jumped off of the bearing and was riding on the metal disk. it wore down the disc and gave it a little lip. I pushed it back on and everything was fine until yesterday. after riding for awhile I noticed that it happened again. any ideas as to what causes this or how destructive it is or how to fix it or if I need to replace anything?



Any input?


It sounds like the main cap is just too loose. Tighten the retaining screws with a 6mm allen key. Don’t over tighten it, snug enough to stop it from sliding outward on the bearing- but not so tight that it causes the bearing to bind.
If I understand you correctly, the disc is just the KH version of a spacer. It will do no harm.

Hope this helps.

  • Frank

… also, check to see if the crank retaining bolt and/or the pinch bolts are loose. It could be sliding outward and causing a gap on the axle???

It sounds as though your frame legs are sprung out a little. The best thing to do is to have somebody in your gang that does some regular maintenance to look at it to make sure that’s the problem.

Ok thank you guys.
I did have it fairly tight so I think it might be the frame being bent. Strangely enough John had the same thing happen to him today. Weird


Oh yeah we both have KH frames