KH hub play

I’ve ridden my new KH24 for maybe two weeks now. Is it usual for the
cranks to have play on the hub? Each crank moves a couple of mm as
measured at the pedal end. I’ve heard the solution (also to the
associated sound) is to grease the hub internally, but how can grease
resolve the play issue?

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the KH’s that i have ridden are all of the old 1st run and there was no movement like that at all. there have been about 5 threads now addressing this issue. this is the lot that was delayed and sent back because of a hub problem i belive…? if so it would seem that there is still a problem.

if it was me, i would send it back. play in the hub right out of the box cannot be tolerated. after all Taiwan got it right for the first shipment why soak up a mistake on the 2nd run.

Same here…I’ve got the exact same problem with my kh hub…

I’m on a roll of bad luck…

I have one of the original, first run, KH24’s. I had some creaking on my spline until I put some anti-seize on but I’ve never had any play at all. Perhaps a defect?