KH hub on koxx wheels..

Hi, I used the search butten, but I didn’t found a threat like this (?)

Does the KH hub fits on koxx wheels (also offset spoked)?
(this hub: )
no problem with cranks or spoke length?

Pretty sure the k1 cranks fit on the kh hub… you just gotta use the KH crank bolts because the K1 bolts are super fat and are too big to screw into the hub

thats not true for reinforced hubs only the light ones :wink: well you didnt mention what kind of rim you plan on using but that hub will fit to any rim. if you using the old style try-all rim then you will most likely need different spokes cause that hub’s flanges are farther apart than a koxx’s and the spokes need to reach farther into the rim. my k1 light cranks fit perfectly on both my ti hub and that hub you linked there which i also have. Im not sure if that hub would fit on you karbon frame though unless it has thin bearing holders. but all in all it would fit a k1 wheel i think :smiley:

You planing on using a hub like that tim? on you uni?

this may not help at all but it might,

i recently build a wheelset with a K1 reinforced but to a offset KH rim and i used these spokes, ,(scroll down) and it worked fine. It’s really light to, pretty sick.

I don’t know if that helped but let me know how it works out Tim.