KH hub and crank spacers...

I have a KH hub crank set on my muni, but I use a Nimbus II frame, so the ‘flying saucer’ shaped discs, don’t fit snuggly against the bearing holders, because of the spacers, so it sticks out over half an inch from the bearing housing.

I noticed Darren Bedford has a KH hub on one of his unis, but there are no flying saucers! What did he use instead?! If anyone has the same problem and has overcome it (even if you haven’t!) please let me know! I was determined not to let how weird it look bother me, as they work just the same, but I really want to make the saucers fit or replace them with something that doesn’t stick out!

I know I’ve probably gone on for far too long about something which should have taken a few lines, so if what I’ve said doesn’t make sense, tell me and I’ll write it again! Argh!!!

Replace the discs with the Profile washers. I did this on my old KH wheel. Profile uses two washer sizes and if memory serves, one thick and one thin for each side will duplicate the thickness of the saucer.
Although the KH axle is 20mm vs. 19mm for the Profile, the KH tapers down at the splines. This is where the washers are placed and they will fit fine.
Now all you need to do is get some Profile washers :slight_smile:

Ah ha! Great thank you! Can I get them on Do you know how much they are? does not have them in the online catalog, but if you call them up you should be able to get the Profile spacers. Just because it’s not in the catalog doesn’t mean doesn’t have it.

yep thats right. on the other side of the coin however…just because its in the catalog doent mean its in stock.

So true! :slight_smile:

I just noticed that the One Wheeled Stallion is in the UK and not North America. I assume that Roger works with a similar system where there is stuff available that is not in the catalog.

I got some extra Profile spacers from USA. I can’t remember how much they were. They weren’t much. Probably around $5.