KH Handlebar - SOLD

KH Handlebar from a 36" I bought off my buddy. Some cosmetic damage from the previous owner in the pics. Besides that it’s in good condition, asking $85CAD ( updated from $100).

Located in Ottawa Canada, buyer pays shipping through Canada Post, DHL, UPS, or FedEx.

If you want to sell it, I suggest sell it for less. If you buy new you’d also get a reinforcing baseplate (worth $20), a curved t bar and brand new grips plus longer screws all included.

Plus I’d want to buy new. Handlebars will be subject to a lot of impact in falls and the welds or metal can fatigue or bend on a UPD, so if there is an option to buy new, that’s what I’d do. Unless there was enough of a discount on the handlebar to sway me to buy secondhand.

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Hi Gockie, I’m open to offers on it. The welds and such seem to be in good condition and the scratches do seem to be cosemtic. I try my best to inspect the items before posting and to ensure safety and quality. I’ve knarled a few parts myself that usual just go to scrap if they aren’t in good condition.

Price has been updated based on your suggestion as well. Listed for $85 now.

You should have sent this as a PM if you were actually trying to help and not piss all over his ad.

I don’t smell any urine.
I think it’s her opinion.

I think it’s a great deal for someone but I really like the aluminum bar ends (the plastic ones that come with SUCK) and you only use one bar or the other anyway.
Lots of times the same handle position can be achieved with either the curved or straight bar.

Sexy, how come you’re not using it?

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Its a sell ad. He wasnt asking for an opinion.

Sometimes asking prices can be a little OTT.

Opinions are like assholes, Everybody has one. Keep it on your saddle, not someones sale ad

People give feedback all the time. Carry on.


Btw… you could have sent this as a pm… why didn’t you?

@Sexy , sorry for the thread jack. All the best with a possible sale :slight_smile:

Hi Canoe head, the reason is I don’t ride with handles. I had a handle from Flansberium in January but found that I prefer riding while only holding the bumper. I find riding without it to be easier at maintaining a higher speed and just keeps the set up a bit more simple to my use.

This one came as a deal with a 36" I just bought and I’d be using the money to build a 24" travel uni. I’m hoping to have it on top of my 29" for gravel and 27.5" muni.

Hi Sexy,
It’s tempting, how do you find having the handles attached to the seat, is there much flex? My current handle is attached to the seat tube its stiff but heavy.

Hi Sexy, having done some more research I’ll buy those bars from you please.

I believe they are already sold.

Hey there, you missed them by a few days sadly. I’m waiting for the money to clear on the first offer then sending the package.

I’ll reach out if it falls through though.

Oh well :slight_smile: thanks for letting me know.

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