KH Fussion Saddle Vs Onza Saddle

I have a Onza 24" Muni and a KH29. The seat on the Onza is suposedly a KH saddle with the Onza logo. Keep in mind that KH and Onza have done a lot of joint developement and use a lot of the same parts. It is very comfortable!
I ride for hours on hard terrain and my ass does not feel it.

The KH29 has a KH Fussion sadle withe the removable cover. I only ride the KH29 on the road or cross country on mild terrain. The seat is very uncomfortable after half an hour. I don’t know why I should be feeling the difference. Supossedly the only difference is the removable cover. Does anyone have similar experiences?


I have an original KH seat, without the grip in the handle or anything.

Distance riding is pretty uncomfortable.

I like both the original fusion and the fusion freeride. I find the fusion slightly more comfortable though.