KH Fusion Zero Saddle

I have the Fusion One on my KH29, it’s not the perfect saddle but it’s the best I’ve used. I’m looking at buying a new KH36, but the local supplier’s stock may be old as it is comes with the Fusion Zero saddle, not the Fusion One.

How much difference is there between the Fusion Zero and Fusion One saddles?

Hello Bruce C… Looking for a KH36 are we?
You won’t be disappointed! :slight_smile:

Re: Saddles, I don’t physically have experience with those but from what I read on the internet Fusion One and Zero are very different in terms of curvature…

I would love to catch up with you tomorrow but i’m volleyballing at SOP pretty much all day. I put handlebars on my KH36, now I need to be skilled enough to make use of them. I’m off to Europe this Friday with that uni.

Ps. Your Nimbus Venture 2 150 cranks are currently with my neighbours, I’ve lent a bunch of unis to the boy and it appears he really took to the uni with those cranks on it… I said if you ever want to do hops or drops with a uni, this is the uni to do it on (he normally rides a cheapie Aldi uni!) Anyway, great kid.

UDC Australia normally allows substitution of parts at the time of order at just the difference in part price. The unis are supplied unassembled anyway so it is just a matter of opening the box and swapping.

The Zero is not the most popular saddle so they might be reluctant on that swap but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

The biggest difference between the two is the Fusion One has softer padding. Otherwise they are virtually the same, IMHO.

Thanks, I’ve read that too. Got to say I find it hard to believe the fusion one could ever be considered softer than something else!

I’d ask for sure, but really can’t expect much for the reasons you mentioned. Curiously, the fusion one is not listed on their website, just the zero. Seems an unwanted saddle.

Just looking at options. My unicycling is at a crossroads and the solutions are all incompatible. I chose the 29 over a 36 for many reasons, mostly its suitability for Sydney’s hills, crap footpaths and roads and tight cycle paths. Nothing has changed here. It’s just the KH29 is a cross country uni, not a road uni, and has a beautiful 3.25" monster tyre on a 55mm rim. I can’t change that tyre to something road suitable without changing the wheel (and the whole character of the uni) and at a cost of about half a new uni to do it right. With over 3000km on the original tyre, it’s also near end of life.

Ahh, the T-bar. Not just a handlebar. What a magical piece of gear. It opened up a whole new world of control for cruising, for hills and to some extent saddle conform. Well done L.

Now this is a story that needs it’s own thread. Details please !!!

Sounds a great cause, just like you to do this. Well done again.

I did ask and they checked in the KH36 box… Fusion One not Zero. I just had no excuse not to buy !

It’s not much bigger than the KH29, but it’s a long way done from up there on that saddle. Can’t try until the weekend, no way I’m getting on that at night just yet.