KH Fusion Zero saddle with short seat-post. Hardly used.

This Zero saddle came with my KH 29er I ordered a while back. I moved it to my 36er in the hopes I’d ride it there but I found it really not my cup of tea. I admit I only gave it a few short rides - but it was around the time I was losing interest in unicycling in general.

I am now back in the saddle with unicycling, so to speak, with a normal Freeride on my 36er - but this saddle may be of interest to its fans or those or wish to try it out.

The seat-post is cut to the lowest level for a 36er - to the leter L from KH’s EVOLVE

Price £45 plus postage. For the UK I’d say this would be £10ish.

Any questions. Just ask :slight_smile:


Open to offers :slight_smile: and will send abroad (buyer pays postage)

Just to confirm, 27.2mm post (to fit KH unicycles)?

I’ve linked to here on the UK Unicycles for sale FB group (

Thanks for that. Yes. Correct. KH seatpost - I see the link the you added to the FB group - and just joined it. Hope someone will be interested via that contact point.

Does the KH Zero come with steel underwear?

The KH Zero has the perfect flat base, so if the foam is too firm for you, simply replace it with foam from a saddle that you do like. You will have to replace the cover since it’s not made to be removed. I replaced my zero foam with that of one of my Fusion Freeride saddles, and replaced the cover with a tie-on type and it became my favorite saddle of all time!