KH fusion seat cover on K1 saddle

Hello all,

is it possible to remove the cover from a koxx1 trials saddle and replace it with a KH fusion one?

ALso is the KH fusion cover the same on ALL KH fusion seats?


The KH fusion cover sold as replacement fits all KH Fusion seats and will fit a Koxx1 saddle. The Street and Freeride covers that come with the Fusion saddles are cut to fit the different foam thickness on these two saddles.


Kris, I have the '07 kh24" Mountain uni, and I really like the new saddle, but I was curious to know if the seat base is also different from the '05 base, as there is much less curve in the new version (which I prefer) and it’s also a thinner profile. Was this accomplished soley by changing the foam thickness in specific areas, or is the base “flatter” as well?

The saddle frame is the same- just the foam shape was changed. Keeping the curvature in the saddle while lowering the curvature in the foam means that the foam is thickest in the places where you need it most.


Ok thanks for clarifying, but I forgot to ask about the fusion cover; is it also the same as the '05 fusion cover? The seams on the cover seem modified to fit the smaller, thinner profile of the '07 saddle, but I may be wrong.:slight_smile:

thanks kris, UDC should proabably clarify this on their website, thanks alot for answering!

The cover sold as spares is the same as the '05 but slightly smaller than the really thick saddles sold before that. So it fits the Freeride or '05 saddles just fine, but needs to be tightened a little more to fit the Street.


Could I take the cover of my red nimbus trials seat and replace it with a replacement kh fusion seat cover?